Afra was born at home as the 7th child in the family. (One is amazed, we have “Oferli’s” here too ) The child looked weak after the birth and had a head that was too big. Concerned about the child's condition, the parents visited the nearby Rubya Hospital. There the child was diagnosed and treated with postnatal syphilis. But nothing more was done. The parents returned home and waited to see if their daughter's condition would improve. After a year they went to another hospital. But even there they were told that there was nothing they could do, that they would have to go to a larger hospital in Mwanza, 100 kilometers away. But there was never enough money for that. The parents sought help from an aid organization in Muleba, where they were taught how to care for a disabled child. But the parents continued to live in the uncertainty of what was wrong with their child and with the hope that she could recover with good medicine. In March 2021, they went to the Maisha Mema Dispensary, where the parents were given detailed information about the condition of Afra by our doctor in charge. She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and the resulting mental and physical disability. To this day, 4 year old Afra cannot walk and speak. She also struggles to swallow food, which is why she is clearly malnourished. Afra currently visits our Saturday club every weekend and seems to enjoy being with other children. She needs help and support in order to have a balanced, easy-to-swallow diet every day, as well as a few new clothes every now and then.