History: Allen was born in Kibanga in 2018. His parents weren't married. The little boy was born with a cleft palate. Since his father was basically not very interested in the child, he left his mother shortly after the birth. Allen received first aid in a nearby hospital, where he was externally operated on for the cleft. But there was a hole in the palate. This made the little boy's life difficult. It was difficult for him to suckle and so he hardly gained any weight. Overwhelmed by the whole situation, the mother decided to hand the child over to his grandmother and then run away. Since then, Allen has lived with his Bibi, his grandmother. She has a golden heart and tries to take care of the boy. But there is hardly enough money for milk or porridge. Allen starts to cry if he is given solid food, it hurts him. One of our staff heard about this old woman's situation and visited her. When he saw the boy, who was barely the size of a one-year-old child, he was startled. Shortly afterward we took Allen to stay with us, along with his grandmother, and started a nutrition program. He is making progress. He needs a balanced diet (which we can blend at the dispensary), clothes and then an operation later.