History: Anita was born in the little hut, where her mother and grandfather live together. She had a twin sister who died one week after birth. Life in this hut was not good for such a small baby. It did not offer enough protection from the cold and rain, there was hardly any food for the mother and she had no clothes either. So she and her mother were brought to our dispensary. In the first few days, no one really believed that the girl would survive. She was too weak to suckle the breast and had to be fed with a syringe. In the meantime she has put on a bit of weight and has become stronger. But there is still a long way to go before she becomes really stable. Because of her epilepsy, the mother needs medication every day. We cook the food every day at the moment, but in the future she will need food supply and support with taking care of the child. The long time untreated epilepsy has damaged the brain of Anita’s mother, so that she sometimes forgets to take care of her child or she becomes confused.