Story: Where love falls ... This is how the story of Baraka could begin. His mother was only 20 years old when she fell in love with the young fisherman from Bukoba. She soon moved to his village and became pregnant. She had a difficult birth that lasted almost two days. She gave birth to a boy. At around 6 months, the young mother noticed that the little boy was hardly making any progress. He could neither sit nor actively reach for things. The father, who previously avoided his duties, was now determined that he has nothing to do with such a child. Mama Baraka doesn't hear from him anymore and therefore goes back to her parents. But Baraka's grandmother doesn't want to know anything about a disabled child either. A child like that is of no use. Again and again, she lets her daughter feel that she is not welcome at home. Mama Baraka and her son come to the dispensary more and more often. Often for advice, sometimes for clothes, or Porridge for her son. But sometimes also to just be there a little and to escape from home. Baraka and his mother have been living on the Maisha Mema site since February, cooking for patients and looking after their friend with the premature baby. We wish for Baraka and his mother that we can build her a house where they can stay and shape their own lives.