History: Blandina's mother had a difficult and long birth ... The little girl was supposed to be born in a rump position, but it didn't work out. To save the mother and child, a last minute caesarean section was done. The child then had to be ventilated on the oxygen machine for a month. It soon became apparent that little Blandina did not survive these exertions undamaged. She had a deformed head and was very slow to develop. The father, a proud Masai warrior, found it unworthy to have a disabled child and left the small family. Mama Blandina returned to her parents. She takes care of the little girl with lots of love and tries her best to offer her a beautiful home. She does daily gymnastics with the little one, which helps her a lot in further development. But the daughter's severe handicap also prevents the mother from being able to pursue a job. She is strongly tied to home and cannot leave the child alone or with neighbors. Mama Blandina would like to open a small shop so she can run it while she also takes care of Blandina. She also needs support to buy little things that Blandina needs as a disabled child.