History: Emelius suffered a head injury in an accident 3 years ago. From then on he felt worse and worse. Suddenly he had problems with sensations in his legs, his eyesight disappeared and he could no longer hear well. At the time he was living in Dar es Salaam, where he was working. His parents both died when he was 6 years old. From then on, his cousin, who works for us as Securitas, took care of him. When Emelius was brought back to Kibanga in January 2021, he could not walk, see, or hear. His cousin Severin took care of him again, but the young man remained weak. After a while, he mentioned to me that he was taking care of a patient at home. When I first saw Emelius, he could only get up and walk with the help of two people to support him. We took Emelius to our dispensary for further medical investigations. Since then he has lived with us. The daily exercises and the balanced food are good for him and he is meanwhile able to walk longer distances without help. Emelius' recovery process will take a long time. We also do not know whether there is an additional nervel disease. We do not know whether he will ever find his way back to his old strength. Above all, Emelius needs support for his everyday needs such as food and clothing.