History: Niseratha was born as a healthy girl. After 6 months she developed severe malaria and had to be taken to the nearby hospital. The diagnosis: cerebral malaria. This means that the parasites have already attacked the brain, which in many cases leads to death. But Niseratha is a strong girl and survived. Unfortunately, however, the parents noticed that she is no longer the same girl as she was before the illness. She was taking steps backward in her development and the right side of the body was paralyzed. Iveta has not yet been able to walk and shows strong autistic traits. She is afraid of people, she doesn't know and throws herself on the floor crying when she feels lost. She is often at home alone. The Parents have to go to the fields to make ends meet and older children from the neighborhood are already going to school. For this reason, she spends two days a week at Maisha Mema, where she is pampered by our staff and slowly learning how to get up and walk. Luckily Niseratha comes from an intact family but still needs a little help to get food that she can swallow well. Sometimes there is also a lack of simple things like soap or clothes.